Special Offer Teeth Whitening

It can be really hard to keep the whiteness in our teeth, especially as we get older, our teeth loose that pearly white colour because of our indulgent lifestyles. Naturally we wouldn’t notice the day to day change in colour from the cups of tea, coffee and cigarettes or red wine, however there does come a time when your teeth colour is no longer natural and something should be done.

Instant confidence boost

You will be happy to hear there is a way to bring your teeth back to their natural colour once again. This would involve a trip to our dentists in High Wycombe where our experts can bring your teeth back to how they used to look, giving you an instant confidence boost to smile about. The procedure is quick and effective and doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

Limited time offer

For the months of January and February we are offering our teeth whitening service at a great price. At any other time we would charge £465 however for this limited time we are offering this fantastic service for just £299.

So with the New Year can come a new smile you can be proud of. So to take advantage of this great offer, contact us today or call 01494 455900 to book your appointment and be one step closer to your perfect smile.

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