Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies have been very present in the news recently. An Indian teenager had to have 232 teeth removed from his mouth and famous musician Michael Buble dislodged a crown hours before a show, sparking discussion over the importance of emergency dental procedures. It is absolutely essential that we are all prepared for any unexpected dental accident and know what kind of help we can get if one does occur. Luckily, both the Indian teen and Buble were quickly treated, leaving their teeth as healthy as ever. With private dentists High Wycombe, in a dental disaster you too will find yourself in safe hands.

Fixing a broken tooth

A tooth can be accidentally cracked at any time for a variety of reasons. Often this is caused by biting down on a hard piece of food such as a mint, or taking a knock to the mouth, for example when playing a sports or if you are unlucky enough to injure yourself. A broken, cracked or chipped tooth can be extremely uncomfortable as it may cause the nerve of the tooth to become exposed, causing pain due to a hyper-sensitivity to temperature.

If you experience a cracked tooth, immediately bite down on a clean piece of fabric to soothe any discomfort, and call a dentist straight away for an emergency appointment. Should a part of the tooth fall off, attempt to find is so that you can take it along to your appointment to show your dentist. This will help them see if it was a section of enamel, or, say, a filling. Avoid biting with the tooth and steer clear of hot or cold foods and drinks until your problem is fixed.

Call a High Wycombe dentist and we can arrange an urgent appointment where one of our experts will assess your tooth and carry out treatment to fix it. Whether that be a partial crown or a composite filling, all of our treatments are comfortable, quick and highly efficient, executes by a team of understanding specialists. No one will be able to tell you ever had a tooth accident and your smile will be good as new.

Replacing a lost tooth

When a tooth is knocked out, this is known as an avulsed tooth. What can be a shocking incident if avulsed or a surprise if a tooth has fallen out unexpectedly can shake you. If a tooth is knocked out, you could experience hemorrhaging, which you must deal with immediately by stopping the blood flow with gauze and immediately visiting your dentist. However, sometimes your tooth could be reimplanted if taken to a dental professional for inspection, cleaning and fixing.

Whether in the future you lose a tooth by force or by it simply falling out, see your dentist straight away and take the tooth with you if you can – even if only for the dentist’s referral. Avoid eating or drinking, and stay calm. Don’t worry, because even if your tooth isn’t able to be re-implanted, private dentists High Wycombe provide a number of treatments such as the fitting of high-quality implants and Bicon implantsthat will fill the gap in your teeth getting back that perfect set of pearly whites in no time.

With a little preparation, a calm attitude and the correct response, any surprise dental issue can be dealt with quickly and successfully. If you would like further advice on how to prepare yourself for a dental emergency, or would like to know more about our emergency dental treatments at High Wycombe private dentists, contact us today on 01494 455900.

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