Price Guide

Fee table

New patient consultation
Panoral radiograph (X-Ray)
1 small Radiograph
Routine Check Up
Combined Hygienist appointment & examination
Small White (tooth coloured composite) Filling
Large White (tooth coloured composite) Filling
Cerec Porcelain Filling
Root canal treatment
charged according to time taken, approx £292-£550
Bonded Crown
Porcelain Crown
Bridgework – per tooth or unit
Full Upper and Lower Dentures
from £1903.00
Small Metal Denture
Sports Mouthguard
Whitening at home

About our fees

Fees for private dentists treatment are generally based on the time taken with the dentist or hygienist. Any technical work such as a crownbridge or denture is charged for separately. A guide to typical prices is shown below, but fees may vary from this according to each patient’s needs or if the laboratory work involves more complex procedures.

Our practice policy is for large courses of treatment, if requested, to provide you with a written estimate of cost of your treatment after the dentist has completed your examination and prepared a treatment plan. If there is any change during treatment we will tell you and agree with you how to proceed. We will explain our treatment plan and fees before any treatment starts and will only proceed with treatment if you agree with our suggestions. If you have any questions about how we charge for treatment or about any of the treatment which we recommend for you, please ask us.