Root canal treatment

Endodontics, more commonly referred to as Root Canal treatment, is a procedure carried out in order to treat the nerve or pulp of a tooth when it has become infected or inflamed. A common misconception among patients is that Root Canal treatment is a painful procedure. In fact, it should be no more painful or unpleasant than having a filling done when in the hands of a properly trained dentist.

Usually Root Canal treatment takes place over the course of two appointments. Firstly, any infected or inflamed pulp is removed before the root canal is flushed using an anti-bacterial solution to remove debris. Once the canals have been flushed they are filled and sealed with a Composite Filling or Crown to restore the tooth back to its original shape and function.

It is advised that patients take extra care directly following Root Canal treatment as the area can still be sensitive. Biting too hard can cause discomfort to the treated area so we recommend that patients eat carefully for a few days afterwards.

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