Porcelain inlays

Inlays, also referred to as partial crowns, are fixed on to the top of an existing tooth to prevent further damage, strengthen or restore the shape of a tooth when there isn’t damage to the cusps of the tooth.

Due to their natural tooth colouring Porcelain Inlays often have a more aesthetically pleasing result than Gold Inlays. Although Porcelain Inlays are themselves very resistant to wear, they can cause more wear on opposing teeth than Gold Inlays. This is particularly relevant if a patient is prone to grinding their teeth.

Porcelain Inlays are fitted over two appointments. The first appointment requires the tooth area to be prepared and any decay removed. An impression of the tooth is then taken and sent to the laboratory before a temporary inlay is fitted. During your second visit the temporary inlay is removed and your Porcelain Inlay bonded or cemented into place.

Please also see Gold Inlays.

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