Dental Implants are used when teeth are missing and alternative treatments on their own, such as dentures or a Bridge, are not deemed suitable treatments. An Implant mimics your natural tooth and provides a long-lasting solution to the issue of missing teeth. The system we use is Bicon Implants.

If a front tooth is missing then an Implant will often produce a much more aesthetically and phonetically pleasing result than a Bridge. Equally, If you have a back tooth missing and are finding it difficult to chew, Dental Implants are the best course of treatment in order to restore full functionality.

A Dental Implant is a small post made from titanium alloy which is shaped like the root of a tooth. This is then inserted into the jaw before a crown, bridge or denture is placed on top to finish the procedure.

Dental Implant treatment can take time and must be properly planned. After the Implant has been inserted into the jaw you will be required to make several appointments over the next few months so that the healing process can be carefully assessed and to ensure that the implant has osseo intergrated (become part of the bone).

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