Childrens Dentistry

At our Private Dentists in High Wycombe we believe making a visit to the dentist for your children a fun one. We aim to provide a friendly and comfortable environment where your child will feel at ease and without fear. The Dental Practice providers a safe, friendly and happy environment for your children’s visits – with a specially designed waiting area with toys and books to keep them amused.

At The Dental Practice we encourage you to bring your children from an early age but if you are anxious about how your child will settle in a new environment we suggest you bring them along to your own dental check-up to give them a gentle introduction to visiting the Dentist. Childrens check-ups at The Dental Practice are free until the age of six. Our preventive programme for children is specially designed to provide the best possible start to your children’s dental care.

Our Hygienists are experienced in working with children and teenagers, and we wish to provide them with happy experiences in our practice from birth to adulthood.

Friendly Dentists For Children

Paul’s approach is a gentle one as he looks to re-assure even the most scared of kids who often see a visit to have their teeth checked a traumatic one. Our primary goal is the well-being of your children and that they have a smile to be happy about for the rest of their lives.

Prior to your visit to our childrens dentists High Wycombe we would advise that you refrained from using some words that kids may find more scary than others, such as ‘needle’, ‘drill’, ‘pull’ etc  These could create un-necessary stress for the little ones, we like to use buttered versions at our practice that have the same message but are less scary to the child.

When should a child first visit a dentist?

It is recommended by the NHS that your child should have at least one check up by the age of 2. However there are a number of benefits for any early visit to the dentists, these include early identification of any health issues and they will become more familiar and comfortable with the surroundings which will increase their chances of routinely having check ups and preventative treatment throughout their lives.

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