How To Benefit From Teeth Whitening This Summer
You’ll spend plenty of time in the morning picking out the perfect outfit and taking pride in your appearance. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd in Buckinghamshire, teeth whitening should be a crucial part of that ritual. For some people - it should be all - you’ll spend plenty of time cleaning those pearly Continue Reading
Potential New Way To Recreate Enamel Discovered
  Everybody’s teeth are coated in protective enamel, helping you to avoid discomfort and tooth decay. But unfortunately, considering that it has such an important job to do, it’s actually quite a fragile substance and what you eat, as well as how hard you brush, can cause it to wear away. This in itself might not sound like a complete Continue Reading
Does Exercise Cause Tooth Decay?
Dentists in High Wycombe want to see more professional athletes coming through their doors since a recent study showed that nearly half had untreated tooth decay. Over three quarters of them had inflamed gums and over a third said they had bleeding from their gums when they brushed. This is despite 97 per cent reporting they brushed their teeth twice Continue Reading
Judy Murray Reveals Her Extensive Dental Work
Judy Murray, who’s best known as the mother of British tennis stars Andy and Jamie Murray, has recently opened up about having extensive dental work carried out. In an interview with the Express, Mrs Murray, who’s now 58, revealed that she has spent approximately £30,000 on cosmetic dental work to improve her smile. She explained that the work was carried Continue Reading
Study Finds Babies Eat Too Much Added Sugar
The problem of children consuming too much sugar has been around for a while, but a recent study has shown that babies as young as six months’ old are already facing a sugar addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for youngsters between six and 11 months’ old, 61 per cent of sugar in their diet was added Continue Reading