Night Guard

Night time grinding or BRUXISM as it is otherwise known can cause several problems:

  • Morning headaches
  • Pain in the jaw joints
  • Pain in the teeth/fillings
  • Broken teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Neck pain
  • In some people it can cause migraines

Things to remember:

  • A night guard takes two visits to make.  One visit to do impressions, a second to fit it to your mouth.  Although they might not look it, these are very intricate devices that can take a lot of adjusting to get right.
  • More and more teenagers are grinding their teeth due to exam stress.
  • Your night guard is there to protect your teeth and reduce the pain in your jaw joints and in the muscles that work your mouth.  It is not a cure.
  • Night guards are made of a form of hard plastic, and as such they will wear down dependent on how much you grind your teeth.  Occasionally we will make a soft flexible gum shield not unlike a boxers gum shield if we feel it is appropriate.
  • Different people grind to different degrees.  Some people grind all the time. Others grind only during periods of stress.
  • The guard will wear down and will need replacing at additional cost.
  • Some people also clench their teeth during the day.  Whilst it might not seem it, this is a conscious habit that can be controlled.
  • If you do not get on with your Night Guard you may need a referral to a specialist
  • You can keep your night guard clean using a nail brush and cold water
  • REMEMBER – bring your night guard with you to EVERY appointment.  For example, if you have a filling the guard will need to be adjusted.  If you come for a check up, we will need to check the night guard is still doing it’s job.

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