Through discussion you and I have decided that there is a tooth in your mouth that requires filling, and you have agreed to have this treatment done.  Teeth require fillings because they are:




Worn down



Things to remember:


Decay is very traumatic to teeth.  It represents a bacterial infection of the teeth.  A filling is an irreversible surgical procedure.  We remove the heavily infected tissue of your tooth and insert a filling into the hole.  This keeps the tooth comfortable and allows you to chew without getting food stuck.  It can also resotre the appearance of the tooth.


It is not uncommon for a filled tooth to be sensitive to hot and cold after the filling is done.  This sensitivity should be temporary in nature.  If it persists or gets worse, you should contact us by phone.


Sometimes with decay that goes deep into the tooth other problems arise.  Most decay is painless in its early stages, which is why we as dentists recommend people come to see us on a regular basis.  If decay is allowed to occur over a prolonged period it puts at risk the health of the tooth, threatening the nerve or even the tooth itself.


If the decay goes deep into the tooth the nerve can begin to die.  We will warn you if we think this is the case.  Despite our best efforts, the bacterial infection related to deep decay can kill off the nerve in the tooth.  This is usually when a root filling is needed to save the tooth.  If you experience a lot of pain and discomfort after a filling, it is usually the result of deep decay, even if you had no pain in the tooth before the filling.


Metal fillings on back teeth are cheaper and quicker than white fillings.  White fillings on back teeth are more awkward to do, and there are more problems that can arise.  The research also shows that they do not last as long as metal fillings.  We have discussed your options and allowed you to make your choice.


If looked after fillings have an acceptable life span.  You will need to brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, limit sugars from your diet and floss/use interdental brushes to keep the tooth and gums clean and healthy

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