Through discussion you and I have decided that it is time for you to have a new denture. With the exception of immediate dentures (which are made to quickly replace one or more teeth that need extracting) dentures take 4-5 appointments to make, each appointment being up to 2 weeks apart


Things to remember:


  • New dentures will feel strange in your mouth, and will take several weeks to get used to.
  • Dentures can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.  To combat this you need to limit your intake of sugar/starchy foods/drinks and clean your teeth to the best of you abilities.
  • It is not uncommon for your speech to sound different initially until you tongue and lips get used to the dentures new shape
  • If the denture has a palate that covers the roof of your mouth, you will find that your sense of taste is altered slightly.  You will also find your perception of heat is different also, so you will need to be careful initially of hot drinks.
  • An immediate denture may well need replacing after 6 months.  This will carry an additional cost to yourself.
  • If you find the denture rubs, or the bite feels wrong, you should phone us for an adjustment appointment.  Most dentures need adjusting more than once to get them right for the mouth.  If your denture is rubbing, we advise you to keep it out as much as possible so as not to get an ulcer.
  • Dentures will need replacing after a period of time.  The shape of your mouth changes as you age, and the teeth on the denture wear down as you chew.
  • With partial dentures, if you go several weeks without wearing them, you may find they no longer fit.
  • Metal clasps on dentures, will over time suffer metal fatigue.  This can cause the clasp to loosen, and in some cases break.  This is sometimes an indication that it is time for a new denture.
  • The clasps on a metal denture fits around the teeth in your mouth.  If one of these teeth ends up needing a filling it may adversely affect the fit of your denture.
  • If you have a partial denture and you lose a tooth, this may require you to have a new denture made at full cost.


Caring for your denture:


  • Clean it using a nail brush and a denture cleaning product.  This is best done over a towel in case you drop your denture whilst cleaning it.  Use only cold water, as repeated use of hot water will change the colour of your denture.
  • Anything that can stain your teeth will stain your denture (Tea, coffee, red wine etc)
  • Do not sleep with your denture in.  It is important to give you gums chance to relax.

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